Agbori Better: Professional Female Barber In Bayelsa (Photos) 

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Meet 21-years-Old Female Bayelsa Professional Barber With So Much Passion with extra Ordinary skills

Just as the conventional saying goes, ‘What A Man Can Do, A Woman Can Do Better’. Yes, I met an inspiring young female Bayelsan who passionately and patiently doing well as a proffessional barber. She is in her 21 and love what she’s doing and also have the determination of owning a bigger and better Barbing salon in Bayelsa or any part of the country.

My discussion with her shows that, she is unique and different from every other young ladies around. She never allowed anything distract her from becoming a better and responsible woman in life even as she awaits admission into the university.

Here is 21-years-old Agbori Better’s views.


”It all started when the thought of becoming a different person and be financially independent as a person flooded my mind. And the idea came of what unique thing I should do as a person to make a living and become outstanding in it.

So, the idea of becoming a barber came. I smiled to myself and embraced it with passion. So, I went for the training in Yenagoa, October 2015 and it lasted for 6 months, and today, I work, earn a living as a barber no matter how small it could be sometimes”.

When asked, what inspired her to become a barber, she said, ”I was very much happy when the idea came. I fell in love immmediately. You know it is not normal taking what is conventional known as men’s work. And also knowing that men are the ones to patronise you. So, it is something out of the box, but I love it.” so she said.
So, what’s your daily experience with your male customers? 

”Well, it is normal, nothing different from the normal relationship with other persons. So, I relate with them very well and try all my best to maintain barber-customer-relationship”.
What’s your dream as a female barber in the next few years?

”Honestly, I want to really take my barbing career to the next level, where I would have my own place and in a very good location. Not just that, but also equip it with the latest items for the comfortability of my customers. It will be the best place where every thing you need will be avaliable, in the case of hair treatment, nice cut, other things relating to hair one would ever think of. I would also love to train other girls who would love to toll same lane”.
What’s your view of young ladies who are liabilities to men?

”I don’t see any reason why young lady should be liability to a man when she has legs and two hands. Growing up I never thought of depending on a man for my upkeep and other basic things. I like working to put food on my table and as well support my family in any little way I could. So, my advise for the young ladies is to channel their strength in what they can do to better their lives and that of their family. In so doing, the chances of men taking advantage of sleeping with you reduces.”
I was so amazed for the first time, a lady with so such determination to be outstanding in this profession. Ofcourse, she gave me and my son a niece cut.

My view and recommendation is that she should be either assisted or sponsored to make her dream a reality.

Here is her contact, should you think of patronising or assisting her dream project;
Agbori Better
Barbing Shop, opposite Hon Williams Ofoni Crescent, along old Assembly Quarters Road, off Azikoro Road, Ekeki, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Facebook: Agbori Better
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