Common Factors To Consider In Choosing A Spouse

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Meeting a man of your dream and living happily ever after is always anticipated in marriage. Though there is divorce, but the divorce is unwanted and conditional.

How well do you know your partner?

The biggest problem people make in choosing a life partner are the subtle things that we NEVER consider when we are in the romantic stage of a relationship. Do you actually have things in common besides attraction. We know attraction has to be there but do you actually share things in common that you both like to do.

Money; some may ask why money but it is necessary to consider,and how you both view handling of money? Money is one of the biggest cause of divorce and it is very important that you are both on the same page strategically about money, and talk to each other about sharing in the conversation each week.

Trust; Best friends, if they are truly good friends will never lie to you and will be honest and tell you the truth no matter how painful it might be. That is a level of trust that is huge in deciding a life partner.

Respect; before choosing a spouse, you need to know the person and level of commitment to his or her siblings. Because they grew up together, played together, suffered and made progress together. If the person does not love, tolerate, and respect his or her siblings, then how can your proposed spouse respect you?

Time; Does your spouse spend most of his time with his friends? Knowing the friends your propose spouse keep should also be considered because they play a role in influencing his lifestyle.

Not forgetting spirituality: I think that it’s very important that the person share in the same spirituality as you. If one is religious and the other is not at all, you have a fundamental difference that will ultimately cause huge problems down the road. Find someone who shares YOUR spiritual journey.

Lastly, sharing responsibilities like work, house chores, the bills, cleaning. It is very important that your life partner will not be a lazy bum. You both share in everything in life, so responsibilities on how you raise children, jobs, cleaning, paying bills and supporting one another is huge for growing strong together. There is a give- and – take in every relationship. Both have to GIVE if they want things to work. If one of you only takes, I see no future for either of you together.

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