MizWanneka Celebrates 5years of marriage, speaks about how she chased after her husband

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Multi award enterpreneur Mizwanneka Nkuma Doris, the CEO HAIR BY WANNEKA in a bid to celebrate her wedding anniversary speaks on how she shoot the shots 5years ago.

According to the fabulous mother of 3 who took to her Instagram handle to narrative the blissful years of marriage said, ” It was December 2012, I didn’t want to travel to the village with the fam because I didn’t have any money for transport. But my sister was having her traditional wedding , so I just had to go .borrowed 10k from my immediate elder brother for transport ,managed to make my hair and nails and left the next morning 24th dec . We got to Enugu and it was night already because of the heavy traffic on the road . Slept at the park and started our journey the next morning , got to the village , finished the wedding we came for , my sister who had a wedding had promised to pay my transport back to Ibadan after the event but for whatever reason , she left the village in a hurry and didn’t remember to give me money 🤦‍♀️brethren 😁 I was stock in the village .

“I had not even paid my brother the 10k I borrowed , so he wanted to take my phone for it and somehow , that resulted into a fight .my other siblings left me saying their car won’t take me 😭 days before the event I travelled for , I had gone out for a drink in one of the village bars with @tashagodwin , I left them there to say hello to a friend , at the friends place I saw a guy wearing all white in a white murano😁 he said hello but I didn’t even pay attention 😜 I just knew he was fine 😂then I went back and told Tasha that some very fine guy said hello to me 😂 and that was the end for that meeting . Discussions lead to another, and we discovered the guy I saw was Dr Nkumah’s first son ( most eligible bachelor in the village then ) 😂 soooo wen everyone left me stranded😂 and no transport to go back , @tashagodwin was still around as she wanted to wait and collect a document b4 goin back.

“That fateful morning , Tasha and I heared that Willie was still in the village as we all tot he had gone back with his dad 😁 the moment we knew he was around , I told Tasha , let’s just enter their compound and try our luck , last last he will like one of us 😂😂😂 we knocked, gateman open the first gate and we lied we had an appointment 😁 the compound had 2 gates the moment we steeped in , we saw Willie sitting with a friend and he was 😮 I immediately said “sorry we wanted to get some coconut.
As we got in and I said we wanted coconuts, I said “we are sorry , we really need coconut for something and as we were passing by , we saw coconut trees in the compound 🤦‍♀️ he smiled and said ok ,and even offered to help pluck it .
We just wanted his friend to disappear 😂then he walked his friend to the car , and I said to Tasha , you know i really like him , then Tasha said oya just try ur luck , e fit like you too 😂 he came back , asked us some questions and gisted a lil with us , (he was talking more to Tasha 😂, and she was helping to put me in all the talk 😂 wen it was time to go , he helped us pluck some coconut that we never used 😁asked for my number and I immediately told him I’ll like to take him around the village and he agreed and said he will call in the evening 🙌 mehnnn we went home dancing on the road😂Tasha was sooo happy he took my number .wen we got home , she immediately told my mom that I have found a husband.

Then I said to Tasha “wat if it’s u he likes ? She said but it’s obvious he likes you too .i told Tasha to help me and let’s prepare something , I didn’t want him to come and just pick me out , I wanted to use style and make him eat and see I can cook 😂 in the evening , he didn’t call on time and I was restless , almost called him before my phone rang and I said “hey Willie , can u first come to my house before we go out ? He agreed and came down . People of the lord , Willie ate soo much because i cooked soo much 🤦‍♀️he was just smiling .😂 after eating,I took him around some places In the village , then he visited again and we hung out again and again . Then my eldest sister came and said I should join her car back to Ibadan 💃 now I was sad to leave .

I told Willie to call me wen he gets back to Lagos 😁 but the guy didn’t o 🤦‍♀️😡 I waited and waited and then I started doing the calling 😂 I’ll call morning ,afternoon and night 😂 until he started making efforts to call😁then I used style to tell him I’m coming to Lagos for something and he said oh nice , let’s see wen u come 😁 I kuku didn’t have where to go in Lagos , so I still used style to stay wit him . Then I started the real talk .

And 5 years later my Willie 😍
God has blessed us with 3 amazing kids , too many blessings 😍😍 I love you soooooo much and in my next life , I’ll still marry you . I pray Emily finds a man like you . You make marriage too sweet . Thanks for being my husband , friend , brother and all in one . I can beat my chest and say that you love me more than life itself 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Happy wedding anniversary to us Baby 😘😘😘 thanks for changing my whole life ❤️ someday , I’ll complete my story 😘😘😘😘😘” she concluded

Many more wonderful years honey!

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