Monday Crush; Michael Kors

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Welcome lovelies to a blissful week
Today, monday we celebrate a man who discovered himself at a young age
Literally renamed himself, yes please he did
Michael Kors was born Karl Anderson Jr. August 9, 1959
At age 5 he began his fashion design carrer by redesigned his mother’s wedding dress for her second marriage.
Soon after as teen, he began designing clothes and selling them out of his parents’ basement, which he renamed the Iron Butterfly.
Amongst his list of clients is the formal first lady of America Mitchell Obama.
He has also been refrrenced in film like “devil wears prada”
He his probably known more for his accessories in recent years
Kors was the first women’s ready-to-wear designer for the French house Celine.
It is not just the accessories that Micheal Kors makes that makes him our mcm today…
But his service to humanity has been outstanding as he was awarded with The World Food Programme with the McGovern-Dole Leadership award, presented by former vice president Joe Biden.
So folks give it up for our mcm Micheal kors

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