My Experience On Acne

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Acne is broad, it includes blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads. Acne is a respecter of no age. I must confess finding an effective acne treatments is most times difficult because what works for you may not work for me, also with the competition for different brands in the market makes it even more harder in finding a lasting solution.

Effective acne treatments are not just difficult to find, and understanding acne and prevention can be frustrating.

My teenage path was not an easy one as I had to deal with all sought of names due to acnes, Miss pimples, blablablabla. This made me feel ugly and it affected my self esteem. I mean I just couldn’t go out without looking at my face almost 10times in the mirror, to check if yesterday’s acne was worst or better.

I must confess, it was frustrating, annoying, there are times I have to take drugs but you see those drugs, once you stop, you’re finished (the former will be preferable*lolsss). Sometimes you just want to lock yourself up in your room, but then you have to go for classes, see a friend off who came to visit you etc.

Let me emphasize that acne is not life threatening it can be uncomfortable and hard on your ego. There has always been a debate about the actual causes of acne. Though the actual cause is not as important as finding a cure.

However, is there a cure for acne. Well yes and no. There are many products available and for some is a cure, for others they do not help, well, a cure is only a cure when you find a product that works for you.

Most acne treatments will take time to work, for real who has the time to wait when all you think of is how to have a make up free face especially in the morning, so experience has taught me that before you see any significant improvement so you are going to have to be patient. Once you have got your acne cleared up it is important to continue, (though, I don’t think is a must) with the treatment that is working so it does not return.

To all those fighting acne, is just a phase you have to pass through, do not hate yourself or those who call you names, I must confess the thick skin I have today was gingered by *people of the world* who will make you feel like they had to choose the way they look (acne less*lolsss). Just live life and careless, it will clear anyways, your powdered will fit, and your glow will eventually come*lolsss*.

Nevertheless there is nothing like a natural product, trust me with these tips you will conquer acne.

Regular exercise helps keep your whole body in shape. It builds your immune system and helps eliminate toxins from the body. It is a great start to fighting acne.

You need to eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients that your body needs. They boost the immune system and are good antioxidants. They can work towards helping you get rid of the acne. Try to avoid refined sugars and fatty foods which have are not good for you or your skin. You also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to flush your system of toxins.

Choose cosmetics that are water based and hypo-allergenic. Avoid oil free products, coal tar derivatives, and heavy creams. Make sure you wash your skin thoroughly every night to remove makeup residue.

Hormones can play a role in acne flare ups and they can be used to reduce outbreaks. Your doctor may decide to use HRT to eliminate or reduce your acne outbreaks.

Clean Skin
You need to avoid harsh scrubbing of your face but you also need to thoroughly clean your skin nightly. Use a mild cleaning regime every night. Once or twice a week you should also, use an exfoliator to gently remove damaged skin and unplug pores.

Is actually a great exfoliating treatment the removes dead skin. However, you should never shave an area that is infected or inflamed. Always use a shaving cream if your skin is sensitive.

Can be a contributing factor to acne so try to relax and unwind. Emotions trigger chemical reactions in the body, which can cause an outbreak.

You can help control your acne outbreaks by following these simple steps. What are you waiting for?