The Proposal

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So as we all know big brother naija Don start and already people have been evicted…

But make we come back home to our sisters that have been trending “the proposers” cause me don’t know which other name to call them o Thing is am confused if a woman,girl,lady propose to a man will she be the one to pay groom price or kini. (Before we forget women pay bride price in India sha o). So then for our naija sisters……

The questions are many but let’s ask these small ones 1 is shoot your shot 2018 for everybody 2 should women propose to men Lastly how long should a sister date a man before proposing Truth be told, the answers we would get from the opposite sex would probably annoy the other so instead we would try to give a lil guide as to getting your man not to refuse you….now keep in mind this advise(s) is/are particular to a relationship and certainly isn’t applicable to all relationships. Now then…..


Sisters before you even think or proposing or accepting a proposal, please and please try as much as possible to know if you man is married or not, dating other women or not, just know if he has any other woman in his life apart from you and if he does, my dear please know where you stand and if you are the type (mark your territory).


Now our sisters if your the one doing the bended knee tins…. One thing that should come to mind is getting it right….which is the tricky part cause believe me getting it right has never been an easy task….

To get it right basically means the right mood, right place, right time, right people and many more right things. Another thing to consider is “how long”, how long have you both been together and how long do you want to be with this person…

After satisfying these and some other un-said rules, you should remember this is nigeria and in nigeria we generally believe men should do the proposing, and not the other way around (women proposing).

This sterms from the Bible and even general societal believe that it is a man that should lead in relationships, if the man in the relationship can’t man up nd do the needful (propose) at the right time then how sure are you he would be the man after the weeding.

Now that we know these and more, ladies!!!… as far as shooting your shot 2018 goes….

We wish you all goodluck and may the best bride or groom be beside you till the end of forever

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